Another try

Before conspiracy theories spiral, here is another shot at my earlier post. 

As Big Calvinism plunges into recrimination and PR chaos, Jonathan Merritt offers some thoughts on the new Calvinist movement as a whole.  The article is thought-provoking in many ways.

One of the big problems with Big Calvinism has been the prevalence of club house rules as the means of operating within the upper echelons.   A movement built on big personalities, a consortium of different 'brands,' along with their concomitant and often conflicting egos, and held together by the power of the carrot and stick of the promise of big platforms and the threat of total oblivion, was always going to be inherently unstable. Self-policing was at a premium, with criticism only allowed from those standing within the tent and aiming outwards, so to speak.   That was shame because the problems of personalities, branding, ego and worse were never really addressed by the tent dwellers.

There are times when the best place to stand is on the margins and the best place to play is in the second division.