And you thought Amish romance novels were weird?

On this week's Mortification of Spin, the Mad Woman in the Atticmadwoman_in_the_attic.jpeg arranged for Rachel Miller to join the Ref Pack to talk about the inroads which the patriarchy movement is making into Reformed circles.  Along the way, we have a pop at the Duggars (rapidly supplanting skinny jeans and Aimee's overall bad attitude in our list of "Things You Really Need to Worry About in 2014") and also note how research for this podcast took Todd and myself on a voyage of discovery to previously unknown parts of the internet Christian subculture.  For any who thought that Amish romance novels were a strange idea, or that the picture below is an odd one to use to advertise the Spin, then have we got news for you. Oh, and we break with tradition by not closing with some classic rock -- though I have to say that Aretha and Annie prove more than equal to the challenge.
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