An Unhappy Week in the Underground Bunker

It has been an unhappy week in the Underground Bunker.  The return from vacation of Sheimage (113x150).jpg Who Must Be Obeyed (with a different hair style and a rather austere wardrobe choice) has meant that the job of being on MoS has, quite frankly, ceased to be as enjoyable as it was in her absence.  Plus, the recent decisive refutation of my claim that Every Square Inchism is just the way that is currently in vogue for giving a pious gloss to the concerns of the middle class chatterati has rather put me in my place.  I stand not simply corrected but completely refuted and permanently silenced, as will become clear on the latest podcast.

Still, prior to She's return, the MoS team did have some fun and once again asked 'What does that even mean?', this time when faced by the statement that 'heaven is for real' based upon the latest movie targeted at a Christian audience.  Assuming that The Who were naive when they declared that 'we won't get fooled again', we attempt to show that 'the new boss' is just the same as 'the old boss.'   Showbiz, glossy production and a sentimental storyline are all that are necessary to part Christians from their money. Time to pull out the tommy guns and take aim at the latest piece of paradigm shifting tosh.
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