An Impending National Crisis

While it may be good news for those suffering from coulrophobia, reports are coming out in the national press that America may be facing a critical shortage of clowns in the very nearclown.jpg future.  One may scoff at such news but when one remembers how many sectors of the economy depend upon a thriving clown population -- makers of baldy man wigs, water pistol bow ties, oversize shoes, garish boxer shorts, and indeed much of the European and American automobile industry -- this is no laughing matter.

The reasons for the decline in the clown population seem complex.  Increasing levels of good taste, higher literacy rates, and increasing self-respect in many parts of society have probably taken their toll on clowning communities.  Indeed, why would anyone want to be a clown when the same skill set makes politics an easier and more lucrative option? 

Still, there is no need to despair.  There are always some willing to take a brave stand against good taste, intelligence, and sophistication.  Thus, the church is mounting an impressive, if a little belated, fightback. Coulrophobes beware: Ref21 predicts that the era of the clown is not over just yet.