A view from the cab

(Editor’s note: due to complaints we have received, we are introducing a new certification scheme for our blogs, ranging from `G’ for `Godly’ and thus suitable for all to `M’ for those blogs which contain material offensive to the spiritually mature. The following blog is rated `M’ and contains some material which mature readers may find offensive.)

In the absence of Gareth, I've kindly agreed to host this part of Ref21.  Once again, we pose a significant theological question to a leading Reformed cab driver. This week, we ask the question `Is it right to have absurd fictional characters blogging on Ref21?’ and our guest is Dave Dee – no, not the member of sixties flash-in-the-pans, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch, but Driver 45677 with Onehitwonder Cabs, Ealing. Dave, what do you think? Do fictional bloggers trivialize the message of Reformation 21?