A Useful Podcast (No, Really)

Regular MoS listeners will know that, with the addition of Aimee, we have made the transitionniceville (180x135).jpg from being' not nice' to being 'nice.'  That's what having a Housewife Theologian's touch has done for us, as she has laid down the law on a number of fronts: no more dirty laundry left on the studio floor ("Come on guys, your mothers wouldn't stand for this....), no more late nights hanging out  with TeamPyro ("They are a bad influence, naughty boys, layabouts, not very nice at all!"), and no more pipe smoking ("What a filthy habit!  Stop it now!") in the vicinity of the Underground Bunker (that last prohibition is a heavy, heavy blow to Todd). 

Anyway, in this week's podcast, we think we have taken things to a new level and actually tried to go from being 'useless' to being 'useful' by talking about the anarchy that is sexual morality and sexual identity in the current climate. The MoS teams hopes that this interview might at least help some to think more clearly about the issues.

In the meantime, the team is preparing for another marathon recording session in two weeks, under the cold, hard, all-seeing eye of the Puppetmaster, the Napoleon of Spin, the Moriarty of Mortification.
holmes (220x169).jpg