A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Some months ago, the Ref Pack earned the ire of the Beautiful People when we raised the issue of why a well-know organisation's view of cultural engagement seemed ineradicably middle class and with more than a whiff of the preoccupations of the chatterati about it.  The offending article was about a Christian approach to high-end pastries.   To refute our claim, the series continued with (and I may have dreamed this because the recollection seems so bizarre) articles on Christian supermodeling and lawyering.  Well, in an attempt to answer the question 'Can a Christian do a boring, repetitive, mundane, low-paid job to the glory of God, even if nobody thinks it is cool enough to write about or hold a conference on?', we invited David VanDrunen, professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary in California, to join us on the program this week to explain how his thinking on God's two kingdoms has shaped his answer to that question.  Click the link on the header of the MoS webpage and hear what David has to say.

Meanwhile, the Ref Pack have been in further trouble over the whole Christian culture matter.  Indeed, here's a picture of us  looking particularly dejected having just been escorted by security from the Emerald City after we tried to disrupt the annual Kuyperian pastry bake-off at the Strange Sweets Conference by selling copies of our new recipe book, Creme Brulee in Trinitarian Perspective, in the car park.  Charges of disrespecting the Great Oz are pending.