A postscript on manhood

As if by magic, after posting yesterday's link to Rachel Miller, this analysis of a new manly church arrived in my inbox this morning.  Setting aside the issue of whether real men drink Miller Lite (a habit which may explain this person's need for reassuring himself by his possession of more firearms than the whole of the Russian army on the Eastern Front in 1915), it is a reminder of how twisted the notion of manhood has become in some conservative evangelical circles (notice the references to Driscoll and company -- still waiting, by the way, for the answer to The Question); how inextricably linked it is to the mythology of manhood in American culture; how it so often molesworth_reasonably_small.jpgseems to embody behaviour that is downright rude and ignorant; and how obviously abusive and denigrating it is to women.  The 'sisterhood shoot out' looks fun, I suppose.  But rather pointless.  A metaphor for the whole, I would suggest.