A Mad Man Speaks!

La Diva just sent me this comment from her blog which she was 'so humbled' to receive:

Aimee. More and more you demonstrate fine writing and clear thinking [CRT: She's hanging out with me.  Hey, some of my magic was bound to rub off]. It is also apparent to me that you are twice as smart as the English fellow you have to work with [CRT: I say! Steady on!  Do I detect the typical American prejudice against those who write with an English accent?] and twenty times smarter than the other one [CRT: So, if I do the sums, that makes me only ten times as smart as Pruitt??  Which ranks me where on the scale of intellectual prowess -- somewhere between a jellyfish and a pro-biotic yogurt?]. Thank you for the courage to speak into difficult and controversial subjects [CRT: Credit where credit is due: 'Tis true -- La Diva has courageously taken on the corrupt celebrification of the nail polish, handbag, and hairspray industries, for the benefit of womankind everywhere]. The unfortunate tendency in Christian circles is that voices like yours are marginalized [CRT: If only!  Life would be so much more peaceful in the Underground Bunker.  If anyone knows how we might marginalize this woman, please let us know.  And soon.  We are getting desperate here.] by people with vested interests and narrow agendas [CRT: Todd and I resent the idea that our agendas are narrow, sir.  They have all the breadth of a middle-aged bald guy's girth]. I look forward to hearing more from you [CRT: Not, I suspect, if those nice people in white coats from the institution catch you first].