A Guest Post

I am delighted (We are not worthy!) to be able to publish the following guest post from my friend and mentor, John Calvin, as a rejoinder to those who think 1Cor. 11:3 is a knockdown argument for eternal submission and its relevance to understanding male-female relations.  He also asked me to warn people about univocal predication and simplistic moves from the economy of salvation to eternal, intratrinitarian relations.


He says, that as Christ is subject to God as his head, so is the man subject to Christ, and the woman to the man.  Let us take notice of those gradations which he points out. God, then, occupies the first place: Christ holds the second place. How so? Inasmuch as he has in our flesh made himself subject to the Father, for, apart from this, being of one essence with the Father, he is his equal. Let us, therefore, bear it in mind, that this is spoken of Christ as mediator. He is, I say, inferior to the Father, inasmuch as he assumed our nature, that he might be the first-born among many brethren.