A Brief Response to Frank

Frank is doing exactly what we want: offering robust statement of his beliefs in a way that goes beyond the 'Here's my opinion, but I totally respect yours' of other, blander but undoubtedly more influential websites.

I would offer just a couple of corrections, though.

I did not become a paedobaptist under duress.   Being required to examine scripture's teaching on specific issues because of specific events or choices in life is surely routine to us all, whether it is suffering, raising young children or, in the case of the radically gospel-centred, deciding to become a pastry chef or a model.

The discussion on the podcast did not at any point reason from the worst case scenario to standard practice.   In fact, much of the podcast was devoted to a theology of baptism which is shared by both Reformed Baptists and Presbyterians: God as the agent in baptism; baptismmolesworth_reasonably_small.jpg normally to be administered by those appointed to office in the church.  I quoted the 1689 with approval on both of those points.  I also made the point that, whether one is believer baptist or paedobaptist, there are texts which will consequently present one with difficulties.  The issue, on that level, becomes that of which set of difficulties one finds insurmountable.