A better analogy and a cultural observation

Ho hum.  Rick's post indicates that the `quantity versus quality' distinction between America and Europe is alive and well.  Never mind the quality, feel the width.

On baseball, the English equivalent would seem to me to be `rounders.' Same bat, same ball, same bases as the American pastime; but, interstingly enough, a game only played in the UK by girls.  Draw your own conclusions from that one.

And American football -- well, if ever I wanted an example of how commercialism is the ultimate cultural power in the US, how it slowly corrodes and corrupts everything, the way this game has been slowly butchered, fragmented, and elongated to accommodate commercials would seem the obvious candidate.   And when Superbowl Sunday is distinguished -- for what?  The play?  No, the commercials, of course -- I rest my case.

America's a great country -- the eating out is fantastic and the weather definitely an improvement on the UK.  But the "sports"?  Do me a favour.......