Don't Give Them to Moloch

The rising degradation of human life cannot be overlooked, as—recently—we witnessed New York’s governor signing an abortion bill into law as legislators celebrated their newly-expanded “right” to kill the unborn. If that wasn’t bad enough, a few days later Virginia’s legislators introduced an even more radical bill calling for abortion up to, and during, the process of the baby’s delivery.

Have you asked yourself, ‘how did we get here?’ How can such a vile act become acceptable—even celebrated—by a “civilized” society? The crew has an insightful discussion about what defines “personhood,” according to Scripture, and the purpose of human life.

What is our mandate as Christians, and how does the idea of covenant speak to this issue? How can the Church carry on God’s design for humanity, while witnessing to the secular world?

In today’s episode, an unusual character—a prominent NYC pastor—receives kudos for speaking out against the new abortion law. Guess who?

Show Notes

  • Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice by Francis Beckwith

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