God's Vision for Diversity

Quilting needles in hand (just listen, you'll get it), the Spin Team get to a controversial topic once again - this time discussing racial diversity with author Trillia Newbell. Trillia's perspective is a unique and helpful one, as she gets into issues not yet talked about on Mortification of Spin. Especially as Christians, we need to remember to treat other humans beings, created in the image of God, as brothers and sisters. What are practical steps that we can take to help create racially diverse churches? Can Aimee really quilt with nunchuck needles? What will  Mrs. Trueman think of Carl's "feminine side?"



If you enjoyed todays Mortification of Spin then you might enjoy a free copy of Trillia Newell's book United: Captured by God's Vision for Diversity.


Jason D., Haltom City, TX

Beth H., Laceys Spring, AL

Renee B., Oklahoma City, OK

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Andrew F., Ben Lomond, CA