"...Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

Things have been pretty crazy at the new bar/website. Todd, Carl, and I didn’t realize just how busy we would be with all the new frequenters. You know what they say, bartending involves counseling skills. And not to name any names, but some of us are a little more sensitive than others. Nonetheless, we have had many men, women, and children come visit.
All the commotion distracted us from realizing that some people weren’t getting in the door. Apparently, the new place came with a few glitches. The comments have been showing an unwelcoming "access denied" page to some of the regulars who would have participated well in the conversation and our Mortification of Spin app failed to update last week’s great podcast on discipleship. But we have a great team that has been working behind the scenes, and the tap, I mean app, is working again. So if you are headed to work, driving your kids to school, taking the dog for a walk, or washing the dishes, catch up on our last two episodes. It's all wonderful news because we are now inspiring babies on their first words. After listening to today’s Bully Pulpit, I hope the words won’t be too, ahem, “moving.”
So please don’t despair, it’s back to “Norm”al here at the bar.