What Happens When You Open the Hatch

Today marks the 100th episode of Mortification of Spin. Todd, Carl and I reflect on what has been revealed since we opened the mysterious hatch of the unground bunker.
The time in the bunker has led us to some interesting locations, revealed that some of us may talk a little funny, that Carl and Todd are hopeless without me, and that there are some pressing issues that evangelicals are dealing with today. We discuss some of the prevalent themes that we have tackled on the show. But we also discovered something rather strange in the bunker. There is a peculiar magnetic pull and a constant spin that needs to be addressed. In fact, we’ve been told that we now need to return to the bunker and make sure that we punch in a our numbers every 168 hours to confront this issue. We do not know what the consequences may be if we fail to do this.
But if we fail to keep it running, if someone does not hold down the bunker and punch in the numbers on time, I know what to do.
Meanwhile, we will continue to have fun at our own expense, and try to set the world right.
Of course, the bunker is a great place to be because of the ones who join us on our mission. Hopefully we can continue in the mission for a while longer. Take a listen here and enter to win our Mortification of Spin anthology.