Wednesday's Word of the Week:

I like fun words.  I love learning new words or rediscovering old ones to use in my vocabulary.  So every Wednesday I will be posting a new word of the week, along with its definition.  I challenge you to use it in conversation throughout the week so that it can sink into your normal rhetoric.  It might be cool to involve the kids as well!  Also, if you would like to submit a word you can email me at and if I decide to post it, I will give you the credit.  Why don’t you have a crack at using our word in a sentence in the comment section…could be interesting. This week’s word is: abstemious--moderation or temperance, usually having to do with food or drink. will provide further enlightenment, as well as our funny pronunciation guy! What else is cool about this word?  Since you asked, it has all five vowels in proper order.  I told you it was cool.  Use it as an adverb and you've covered the "sometimes y."