We Fought the Law

Well, the MoS Refpack ran into a familiar face while we were kicking back the other day. And that is when all our trouble started. There we were having a drink, and low and behold, Mark Jones was in the same pub. I suggested pretending we didn’t see him, but the drinks we were having seemed to be telling us we should at least say hi: just-dew-it The thing is (or as Todd would say, “Here’s the deal:”), we have good intentions, but the four of us just seem to ruin everyone else’s day when we get together. And Mark has been dropping the “A” bomb all over the place lately. So, we thought we would have a conversation to clear up all this talk about antinomianism. Sure enough, we started offending people, and it was as if every person who we have ever wronged in the past just so happened to be in the same pub. The next thing you know, there was a trial about whether we are a harm to society. Hopefully we have one last friend who will bail us out so that we can continue our shenanigans. seinfeld1       Luckily, the Puppet Master was able to run out unnoticed with the recording. We each have five reasons he needs to come back for us. While we’re waiting, take a listen to our conversation that got us into this mess. And if you want to know more about Mark's book, here's a review I wrote on it. Head over to the Mortification of Spin for a chance to win a copy. alg-seinfeld-jpg