Thou Shalt Not Steal

When I sit under the preached Word, I have some presuppositions. I trust that my pastor has done the work of preparing the sermon, and that unless he says otherwise, he did not merely cut and paste another preacher’s work. But there has been some recent controversy with pastors and plagiarism. And while we are hearing about some pastors of large churches who have been caught, Carl, Todd, and I wonder how much of this may be going on in many smaller churches. So for our MoS Bully Pulpit we ask some questions. Is there a grey line behind the pulpit? Should pastors be citing every book that they used to prepare their sermons? Is it even a big deal when a pastor plagiarizes? Also, we make a few observations about the manliness, or lack there of, of Pinterest. I share some Father’s Day Pins with the guys, and I think I may have found the one instance where Todd would be okay with women and army tanks: as long as we’re knitting them and not driving them. I think he needs a pair of these. IMG_1214 Take a listen here.