Theology Paid Off

There are clarifying experiences in our lives that cause us to put things in perspective. I always try to encourage Christians, and even unbelievers, that theology is very practical to everyday life. What we believe about who God is, what he has done, what he is doing now, and who we are, shapes our everyday behavior. It determines how we handle our ordinary responsibilities, as well as how we will respond and cope with significant successes and terrifying trials. This Mortification of Spin episode is particularly heartening as Carl, Todd, and I had the privilege of talking to pastor, author, and cancer survivor Paul Wolfe. I was so encouraged by this interview as Paul discusses how his church family was unknowingly preparing him for [caption id="attachment_2654" align="alignright" width="300"]"Where everybody knows your name." As you can see, this is when all three of us had better hair. "Where everybody knows your name." As you can see, this is when all three of us had better hair.[/caption] this trial well before it came. The faithful preaching of his pastor and the covenant community that he was blessed to be a part of provided Paul with the encouragement and exhortation that he needed to hold fast to his confession of hope and continue to run the race that God had laid out for him. The golden line: Theology paid off! You have to take a listen for yourself. When he heard the news that none of us want to hear, Paul had all he needed already. Our talk also made me think about the church in general. What a blessing God gives us. Along with a context for the sacraments to be administered in a way that we can be assured we are blessed in Christ, we have all sorts of diverse, yet like-minded people to rub shoulders with in the race. Paul shares some of the very practical ways this blessed him in such a difficult time. And it made me think about the types of people I want to be around in both the ordinary and in times of suffering. Make sure you take the time to visit the Mortification of Spin website here, take a listen, and enter to win a copy of Paul's book. You can also subscribe to MoS through iTunes.