The Top 5 Reasons Why Frank Turk Stood Us Up at the Biker Bar:

Since my Mortification of Spin cohosts have shown me the joys of Tullamore DEW and Pliny the Elder, I thought it would be good for them to experience the almost heaven that is Jack Daniels in West Virginia. And so we figured Dan Phillips and Frank Turk would be great to bring along. It just seems right to bring a couple of pyromaniacs to a WV bar. And since we can’t help ourselves from mortifying spin, we thought we would talk to them about the perpetuation of niceness in contemporary evangelicalism. It all sounded perfect, until Turk bailed on us at the last minute. Now, Carl was talking some trash leading up to the interview, trying to cause a little housewife-pyro rivalry. I was looking forward to a good, healthy rumble. But alas, Dan was left all by himself. We had a great time, and we just couldn’t imagine what kept Turk from joining us. So I contemplated the Top 5 Reasons Why Frank Turk Stood Us Up at the Biker Bar: 5. He heard that not even Batman would brave a WV biker bar. 4. Nunchucks make him uncomfortable. 3. He thought he was going to be having an interview with himself. 2. We do not know, or care, how Captain America’s shield works. 1. He mentioned something about a “job”, and having to be “responsible” to people that day. Carl, Todd, and I had no clue what we was talking about. biker-bar-1Frank, I’m sorry you couldn’t make it, and we wanted to share part of our experience with you in some way. As a kind, but in no way nice, gesture, the four of us emptied our pocket change and collaborated on a WV biker bar to go for you. Sorry, we drank all the Jack. Take a listen to how we mortify the spin on nice here.