The Last Bastion of Freedom

Being an honorary guy has its perks. I was able to be smuggled into a frat house with Carl and Todd to discuss a development and trend in college campus ministries. For this week's Bully Pulpit we react to a First Things article written by Robert Gregory, Bowdoin Told Us To Go, where he explains why the campus ministry that he was a part of is now leaving the campus due to their new policy. New laws are allowing universities to implement policies so that there is no discerning criteria for the leadership of all student-led groups. What this means in a Christian ministry is that one doesn't need to confess belief in the most basic tenets of the faith, belief in God for example, to be able to lead a group. The ministry cannot have standards in picking their own leaders. We discuss what this means for the culture, campus ministry, the Christian witness, and the church. Meanwhile, there is a downside to being an honorary guy as well. While Carl and Todd discuss whether the tobacco shop is the last bastion of freedom, they think of a more humorous way to corrupt their West Virginian co-host. Not going to happen, guys. Take a listen here. [caption id="attachment_2930" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Hopefully obvious disclaimer: This. Is. Not. Really. Me. Hopefully obvious disclaimer: This. Is. Not. Really. Me.[/caption]