The Erosion of Privacy

It's Wacky Wednesday again, which means Carl, Todd, and I have another Mortification of Spin Bully Pulpit edition for you. This week, we play the coffee snobs while discussing the role social media has played on our sense of privacy. Do we even have one anymore? Where is the line when it comes to how much of our personal lives we share with the cyber-world? Some people are just more open than others. Does that mean they are more authentic? Carl gives us a mini history lesson to compare two well-known pastors, one more public, and one much more private about their personal lives. Maybe you fall somewhere in the spectrum between the two. And yet we have all encountered the complete exhibitionists, the masters of TMI. We live in the selfie culture now. I was shocked to find out that you can even take a selfie with a Jitterbug these days: 20140322_200014   Take a listen here.