Sunday Mornings

So I was sitting on my back porch, all ready to answer my own journaling questions for Housewife Theologian, Chapter 10. As it turns out, making the questions is a lot easier than answering them. I was preparing to lead a small group, and thought I would breeze through number one pretty quickly. It's meant to be more of an introduction question before we get into the theology of the church: 1. How would you describe your current attitude toward regularly attending church on Sunday mornings? How do you think your attitude affects your family's view of the church service? This one should be easy enough, since I love going to church. And yet, I have found that the devil works the hardest in the Byrd household on Sunday mornings. It's inevitable: I will be challenged with multiple obstacles while we try to get out of the door by 9:00 AM. One child will come waltzing in my bedroom with a ridiculous outfit choice, the dog will NOT come in, and there is of course the expected breakfast stain all over someone's (by someone, I usually mean me) church attire. This shouldn't be difficult, since I'm awake three hours before "go time." But it's seems like the Sunday morning version of myself is like those slow-motion dreams when you're being attacked. I'm clumsy, ineffective, and can't seem to get the right words out of my mouth. Sure, we always make it out of the door. But often my family ends up seeing an annoyed, stressed version of me on Sunday mornings. So I titled my answer: What I want my family to see on Sunday morning. Here's my bulleted notes that provoked some great discussion that evening: Read more here, and I'd love for you to come back and comment about some practical ways that you and your family try to iron out the Sunday morning wrinkles.