Sometimes It's Good to Fall Off the Wagon

Or better yet, Carl, Todd, and I make the case that every bandwagon isn’t worth jumping on. Today’s Bully Pulpit was a fun one to record. I give the guys a little challenge to test how well they can relate to their congregations, and I close the podcast with a question that leaves Carl vulnerable. All in a good days work, as they say. bandwagonBut back to bandwagons. The evangelical subculture is certainly susceptible to hopping on the latest trend. And some leaders seem to have a draw that is hard to resist. Why do we follow so easily? Why don’t we listen to warnings of discernment when they are given? Why do we stay on the wagon when we know we should jump off? These are some relevant and timely questions that even the Reformed community needs to consider. Because you never know where you may end up. Take a listen.