P&R Author Interview

9781596386655.jpg9781596386655.jpg9781596386655.jpg9781596386655.jpgHousewife TheologianMy publisher, P&R, is running a series of author interviews on their blog. Yesterday was my turn. Here is a sample Housewife Theologianquestion:

  • How do you deal with writer’s block?
52a2502d28e23.preview-300“Oh, let’s see, I usu­ally start with a snack and increase my cof­fee intake. If that doesn’t work, I pick up a jump rope or my nunchucks and try to get my blood flow­ing. I often drum up some good writ­ing ideas when I’m rollerblad­ing or work­ing out. If I’ve still got noth­ing, I move on to call­ing a friend. A good con­ver­sa­tion can usu­ally get my brain mov­ing well again. And, I find that if I am read­ing well, I fre­quently write bet­ter. But some­times I just have to walk away and wait. It’s easy to dis­tract myself by cruis­ing the blogs, and social net­works when I am unpro­duc­tive, but I find that typ­i­cally makes the prob­lem worse. These times are frus­trat­ing, but I think that it serves me well to develop that hunger to write while simul­ta­ne­ously rec­og­niz­ing that it is all a gift that can be taken away. It makes me thank­ful when I get the flow back that God has allowed me this voca­tion. And yet, it puts things in per­spec­tive that I am to be a good stew­ard of it and not place my worth and my value in the writ­ing itself.” Here's the link to see more.