License to Ill?

Is it okay for a Christian to smoke weed? This is a pertinent question now that Colorado and Washington have led the way in legalizing recreational marijuana. Andy Crouch has written an article for Christianity Today titled, “You’re Free to Toke Up. But Don’t.” He says that where it is legal, Christians are free to dance with Mary Jane. But then he says that it would be foolish to do so. Well, that sounds a bit confusing to me. Are Christians free to be foolish? I guess that depends on how we would define foolish. Do you see how tricky this issue is going to be for the church? Well have no fear! The MoS “posse’s in effect.” Carl, Todd, and I took another sketchy field trip, this time to a bong dazed-and-confused-movie-imageshop in Colorado, to discuss this very issue. “The needle's in the groove and the vinyl's on the platter,” we ask tough questions and get right to the matter. Hopefully we don’t leave the listener more dazed and confused than before we began. But that may be the very point we are trying to make… Take a listen here and leave a comment to add to this discussion. Heck, this podcast is worth its 15 minutes just to giggle at the way Carl pronounces “marijuana” with his accent.