Leadership Training

Here’s the deal: Carl and I were having some suspicions about our jolly co-host, Todd. We had some questions. Some tough questions. But to our dismay, he just wouldn’t crack. Todd was hiding something big and we knew it. It became clear to us that it was time to bring in our latest member of the MoS team, Bauer himself, for the interrogation. jack_bauer_brother Let’s just say, we got him to talk. What we found out made us shudder. All that shenanigans got us thinking that church leadership would be a good topic to discuss. So this week the three of us talk about executive pastors, servant leaders, and masculine leadership. I was able to dig up a shot of our very own celebrity pastor, Carl Trueman, taking out the trash: peter-andre-and-taking-out-the-trash-gallery I don't know, looks a bit staged for the paparazzi to me. Take a listen here.