Just You Wait, Carl Trueman!

Carl takes his queue from "My Fair Lady" as he asks me a preposterous question at the end of today’s podcast. We are all meeting up to do a batch of recordings tomorrow and I have half a mind to show up filthy, stinky, and crass, which is what the world would look like in the stereotypical question Carl posed.
Instead, I will show up with my usual: nunchucks and chocolate chip cookies. I embrace the fact that women are complicated and men will never figure us out. Sorry we can’t be as predictable as you fellows of the opposite sex.
Carl and Todd can hardly bear being with themselves, how would they fair if women more like them? The two are a bit of an anomaly: born within a week of one another, somehow huckstered and married amazing women in the same year, and now are both balding, middleish-aged, and bitter pastors. Think of how curmudgeonly they must have been before their significant others entered their lives. Think of all the work that God has done for their sanctification through these two brave and gracious women. Where would Carl and Todd be without them? Thankfully, we don’t have to see that picture.
And yet, these two still tried to carve out some guy-time for themselves and cohost a podcast where they could function comfortably as their balding, bitter, aging, male selves. How did that work out for them? Well, seems like they couldn’t survive long without a woman’s touch. So they invited me. They’ve tried to nurture their egos by inducting me as “one of the guys.” I could be troubled that I am the closest thing they have found to a woman who is more like a man. But then again, there is much that is troubling about Carl and Todd, so I don’t lose any sleep over it. We all know men do not really want to live a life where women are more like them.