Is it Really That Simple?

I am writing here and there for the Reformation 21 blog, and thought I'd share a peek with my readers today. This is a reflection I had while reading about the aseity of God in K. Scott Oliphint's book, God With Us.  Many of us talk about simplifying our lives. When we stop to think about how many choices that we make in one day, it's exhausting. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who lives in Dubai. She was joking around about all the choices Americans have even in the marshmallow isle. You've got your big marshmallows, your mega-sized marshmallows, your little bitty ones, multi-colored, pre-flattened, chocolate-drizzled, toasted coconut, etc. My friend was saying that it's a lot less stressful to buy marshmallows in Dubai. There's one choice: Buy this particular bag of marshmallows or you don't get any. How many marshmallow choices do we really need? It's the things like the marshmallow isle that make us realize that it wouldn't hurt to scale down a bit. Understandably, there are many in the church today advocating a discipline of simplicity. Read the rest here. I promise it's not about marshmallows.