How It All Began

I am meeting up with Todd and Carl this Tuesday and Wednesday at Westminster Theological Seminary to particiapte on a panel discussion with Dr. R. Kent Hughes for the 2014 Pastor's Conference. I'm honored that WTS invites a housewife's perspective into the discussion. But it all got me thinking about how far the three of us have come. In case you have ever wondered about how a reasonably sensible housewife like me wound up dealing with the likes of Carl and Todd, here is a little flashback of how it all began. As you can see, the guys didn't go far with their aspirations to be cage fighters. Todd used to have quite a head of hair though. The poor guy is making less and less visits to the Cut and Coral. He's put on a few pounds, but he does still enjoy wearing horse decals on his shirts. As it turns out, I am the one with the nunchuck skills. Carl has since ditched the glasses, but no longer loves technology like he used to. His insult about my mother is rather ironic given this week's events. 

Stay tuned to The Mortification of Spin to hear a future podcast recording of the panel discussion.

What do you think, should I bring my nunchucks to our glam shots photo session?