Horton on Spin

Today we have a reluctant Dr. Michael Horton take a psychological test to see if we can continue interviewing him for the podcast. Fortunately for you guys, he passed. But we were a little worried after the first question. In fact, we got him a new tie to wear for any future casual conversations that count. friends_dont_let_friends_drink_white_zinfandel_tie-r25af8a43893c49a8b488d0bbb47cb98a_v9whb_8byvr_512 Carl asked the questions that we have all been wondering. What does Dr. Horton think of the Biebs? I know, I know, you’re dying to find out. Todd asks about Horton’s history with PCRT and James Montgomery Boice. It is quite an inspiring story that gives us a little hope among the evangelical celebrity culture, puka shells and all. I ask the other question that you’re dying to know: Is Dr. Horton an antinomian or what? And once again, Carl reminds us that we are all going to die. This episode offers a good mix of hilarity and serious topics that you’ve come to expect from us mortifiers of spin. Be sure to listen through to the end for a preview for next week’s extended Bully Pulpit, and to visit the MoS site for a chance to win a copy of Dr. Horton’s book, Calvin on the Christian Life. I’ve written a few reading reflections on it if you’d like a taste: On orthodoxy On Providence  On Doctrine vs. Experience  Listen to the podcast here.