Gospel-Centered Cupcakes?

For this week’s MoS Bully Pulpit, I invited Carl and Todd over to sit in my kitchen and have a casual conversation about gospel-centered food. To get in the spirit, I made every square inch brownies, almond butter blossom cookies with dates substituting for chocolate kisses, sustainable Sundays, fair trade coffee, and  sent them off with some detox Little Debbies. We discuss questions like “How do we make our vocations gospel-centered?”, “Do our cultural goods and vocations play a role in the redemption of the earth?”, and “What is the mission of the church?” This is a conversation that we’d like to continue in a longer podcast, and it is one with which every Christian wrestles. We surely are sent out into the world as Christians that want to glorify God in all we do. And our faith informs the motives behind our cultural work. But as we share our cultural tasks in common with the unbeliever, are we to try to sanctify our vocations and participate in the redemption of the whole earth? Is a Christian’s engagement in a category such as baking different from an unbeliever’s? We need to be careful that we aren’t getting too caught up in political ideologies that are veiled with Christian language. As you can see, it can happen to the best of us. This picture proves my point. Carl just realized his chicken wasn’t fed organic hazelnuts. Take a listen here. chef_gordon_ramsay_calls_out_the_orders_during_the_first_dinner_service_on_tuesday_nights_hells_kitchen