Get Out of Your Mind!

I reviewed Timothy Witmer's new book, Mindscape over at Books at a Glance. Here is a teaser:
Does becoming a Christian affect your thinking? Should it? How does your faith and knowledge of God change your private thought life? Have you even thought about the significance of your thought-patterns and pondered what the motivations and beliefs are behind them? If anyone had the gift to read your mind, what would they learn about you?
At first glance, Timothy Witmer’s new book, Mindscape: What to Think About Instead of Worrying, might give you the wrong idea about the target audience. I know and love some “worriers,” but I’ve never considered myself one.  That of course doesn’t mean that I never worry. There are definitely some messed up areas in my mindscape, so I knew this book would be beneficial. And I was right.  
In the introduction, Witmer warns and encourages:
Our thoughts give us a picture into what we are really like, and this can be very discouraging. If the mind is the “window of the soul,” our mindscape can betray an inner darkness that casts a shadow over our thoughts, words, and deeds. But our condition is not hopeless—and this is the point of the pages that follow.  (2-3)