Fight Church?

photo-mainThe MoS team was issued another challenge. This time we were asked to discuss a new phenomenon, Fight Church, without tapping out. We were sent a link to view a trailer of a new documentary about Fight Church. Todd and I were left to discuss this one alone, as Carl was off learning the ways of the dragon. Actually, Carl needed some time off after a listener confronted him recently. It turns out he really likes the show, but he wasn’t happy about Carl’s recent comments about Stryper. Interestingly, this Fight Church trend seems to be taking different forms in the ministry of the church. You can watch the trailer for yourself, and see that it still leaves us with a lot of questions. It appears that pastors are cage fighting, along with congregants, and metaphors from this experience are brought into the pulpit. There is also a macho masculine mentality going on. I wonder, if they are using MMA as an example of manliness, what are they pointing to as models of femininity—the ring girls? However, right before we began recording, Todd found a fight church website that is different from the documentary. This appears to be a parachurch organization that ministers to fighters and their families in the MMA community by providing chaplaincy and practical care. And so this approach would raise a different set of questions. The whole discussion must have been too much for Todd, because right when we were getting into the thick of it, his connection went sour. Maybe it was sabotage… With the technological challenges, I was a bit distracted from the matters at hand, as well as the last remaining MoS contender to wrap this thing up. One aspect that I didn’t get into is how we need to be careful when we use this word ministry. We are certainly called to serve our neighbors and share the good news of the gospel. As we do this, we should be mindful not to distract from the ministry of God’s appointed means that he has promised to bless us in Christ. And when we do think of ministers to the culture as a whole, as separated from ministers in the church, it is typically for those in crisis situations such as addiction problems, unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, and those who serve in the military—not so much sports teams. That makes me wonder, did Paul have a tent-making ministry? Did Jesus have a carpentry ministry? Do we need to organize catchy slogans to tell our fellow neighbors about Christ? How can we make sure to keep what’s holy, holy? Those are some additional thoughts to ponder while listening to today’s episode, Gimmicks Out of the Gospel. And here is the trailer for Fight Church: