Exciting News!

I am happy to share some great news with you all today—P&R Publishing will be publishing my book, tentatively titled Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary. While there are definitely similarities with the theme of my blog, my book has a different target audience. It is designed to be used as a discipleship tool for women’s workshops and small groups. Every married woman is a housewife, whether or not she has another job outside of the home. Hopefully we can recover this word by pointing to the primary responsibilities all married women share, encouraging and exhorting one another along the way. But I didn’t write for married women only. I really hope that we can invite high school girls and all the single ladies into our discussion to promote that Titus 2 mentoring in the church. This also means that our treasured widows would be a special blessing to the dialogue. And every woman is a theologian. Like I’ve repeated before, the question is whether we are a good ones or bad ones. I’m passionate about good theology because our beliefs about God are indicative to our actions. If we are to live by faith, we must learn about the One we have faith in. There are 12 chapters, addressing different topics such as a woman’s role these days, beauty, Christian thinking, identity, femininity, sexuality, unity, hospitality, a woman’s influence, sin, idolatry, worship, culture, and the cost of discipleship. While there is benefit in reading it individually, I really believe that women need to talk about these issues within the context of their local church.  Each chapter has journaling questions for reflection and discussion. They are to guide the monthly workshop meetings. My goal is that housewife theologians get the help we need to more fully understand our calling, to encourage one another, and to share our successes and failures as we learn how the gospel interrupts the ordinary. It is such an honor to have P&R publish my book! I am humbled to be counted alongside the amazing authors they have published. I am so thankful that they are willing to work with a mere housewife theologian such as myself. Also, I want to thank all the readers and commenters on my blog. You have really sharpened my thinking, and are such a great community. May I ask for your prayers to aid in the production of my book, and the way that God would be pleased to use it? I will keep you updated as to the progress and publication date. And to all my wonderful male readers, hopefully you can encourage the women in your churches with my book as well! We need your support!