Evangelical Housekeeping

Several years ago, I noticed a pattern in my life.  First, I'd read or hear about a sketchy theological trend. Maybe it would be a certain high-profile preacher, a new book that's out, or a movement that seems to be threatening to creep into Christian thinking. Whenever this happened, I would think, "No need to worry. I don't need to waste my time thinking about this, it doesn't affect me." I figured it would be easily identified by ordinary, mainstream Christians, and we could all move on with our lives. And then it would inevitably happen. That same book that I recognized as suspicious is recommended to me by a friend, or a family member even. That pastor that I thought was clearly handling Scripture wrong is being quoted by a mom at the baseball field. Every. time. Do you think it is important to learn about the latest theological trends? What do they have to do with you? Should your pastor bother to know about the current evangelical climate? If you have ever struggled with this, or have your own opinion on the matter, follow this link to Reformation21 and read the rest of my article.