Dirt Baked Hard

Cruella-glenn-close-as-cruella-de-vil-32652887-590-295Today on MoS, we discuss suffering and weakness. To give me a taste of affliction, my cohosts downgrade me from my previous title, “The Pat Benatar of Reformed Theology,” to "Cruella de Vil." Hurtful. But the good news is this means they must be afraid of me. 101-102-05   There are a few other small matters to cover before we get serious. Like Harry Styles, Carl believes that his popularity is due to his face and not his hair. And like Shatner, Todd isn’t so concerned that people know him, but that they believe his version. But on to serious stuff, do we have a problem with a soft prosperity gospel in Reformed theology? What implications does the weakness of the message have on those who preach it, and those of us who try to live according to it? How can we be encouraged to remain theologians of the cross when we are so tempted to a theology of glory? Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the guys seem to be a bit uncomfortable with the hiring of our new producer, and the resulting sisterhood. They have tried to bring back their majority with by bringing on their own intimidating Jack Bauer of MoS. Since Todd emphasizes in the podcast today that he shouldn’t be treated better than he deserves, I just want to reassure him that the Mad Woman in the Attic and I will make sure that doesn’t happen for him. But don’t worry, nothing to fear here. Or is there? Take a listen. images-2