All Misfits Welcome Here

4toysSo my MoS cohorts and I were feeling a little down and out as we were banished from Polite Society when lo and behold, we found a fellow misfit, Phil Johnson. This podcast episode showcases the whole idea of a casual conversation that counts. We talked about all kinds of things like being misfits, Phil Johnson blogging before there was barely an internet to blog on, Pyromaniacs, the Spurgeon Archive, Downgrade controversy, playful approaches to worship, and prayer. If you’re going to talk Spurgeon, Phil Johnson is your man. And I am a fellow Spurgeon fan. But after spending some time with Phil, I began feeling as if I was with Spurgeon himself. Has Phil Johnson’s passion for Spurgeon transformed him in more ways than one? Take a look at him in this picture Phil’s lovely wife snapped while we were talking. IMG_0456 And now take a look at this: Charles_Haddon_Spurgeon_by_Alexander_Melville Uncanny. You can listen to our conversation on Misfit Island here.