A Woman at the Table

On today's Bully Pulpit, Carl, Todd, and I have a casual conversation about women writing and talking theology. While we do hold a complementary view of women holding office in the church, we talk about some of the reasoning out there that keeps women writing and discussing women's issues only. As a matter of fact, I was denied entrance into a local club that the three of usimages-3 tried to frequent to wind down after a set of recordings. Maybe you have heard of it before... Seriously, some people have a problem with women blogging, writing books, and teaching theology outside the church because men might be learning from them and they believe that this is against the biblical command. I mean, the next thing you know, a woman might be given a seat at the table with two pastors and record podcasts that cover a gamut of Christian issues. Kidding aside, I am very encouraged that the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has invited me on to discuss more than women's issues. What are women's issues anyway? That is 201776something else we discuss in this episode. Here is a shot someone captured of Carl and Todd when they first began thinking they could use a women's perspective on the show to talk theology and the Christian life with them. And as happy as I am to do it, I have to say those two can be exhausting! Coming home after recording a batch of episodes with those two does a number on me. I have to do a little freshening up before I resume my housewife gig. All in a day's work... You can take a listen to this latest Mortification of Spin here. tumblr_lxzdem5q4J1qbrdf3o3_r1_400