A Very Important Interview on Sexual and Domestic Abuse

Today we are airing a much anticipated Mortification of Spin episode. After a past episode on domestic abuse, and then another on spouses who are verbally and mentally abused, Carl, Todd, and I have invited psychiatrist Dr. Diane Langberg for an interview on these topics, as well as child sexual abuse. We ask questions about why it is not reported like it should, how we can raise awareness, how to respond when allegations are made, and how to better protect children from predators. Dr. Langberg gives very practical advice on this issue that comes from over 40 years of experience working with victims of abuse. Carl, Todd, and I learned so much from this interview and have really been looking forward to sharing it. Unfortunately, there TheMatrixWallpaper1024was some interference on the sound coming from Dr. Langburg’s end and it has been put on hold for some time. But our wonderful sound and technology guru has polished it up nicely for us, and even though he isn’t keen on airing something that isn’t at 100%, we feel that this interview is too important to keep to ourselves. It really isn’t so bad, but it has caused a delay. We are thankful that our guru fought the computer forces enough to present this now even more timely conversation that counts. Do not miss this one! Take a listen here.