A Dangerous Field Trip

What does the cross make you think of? Sugary, sweet, colorful candy? No? Are you sure? Of course you are. Then whycrosssucker would anyone think it is a good idea to make lollipops shaped like a cross? What kind of message does this send to our children? “The crucifixion was delightful. Wrath of God over sin? What? No, God wants you to have a lollipop." Actually, the message I am getting when I see these is, "You're a sucker." For this week's Mortification of Spin Bully Pulpit edition, Todd, Carl, and I took a dangerous field trip to the local Christian bookstore. What is being marketed as Christian paraphernalia is pretty scary. Are you going to the park this weekend? Perhaps you should bring flyingdiscyour Jesus frisbee. That way, when you accidentally smack a three-year-old in the head with your bad toss, she can be hit with the gospel message. It's more than a frisbee, it's the good news in flight! And the next time you're at a party, maybe you should get a little more creative with ways to bring up your faith. I mean intellectual conversation is so passé. And sharing your testimony is getting pretty old too. Since people's attention spans are really suffering from their internet consumption, images are all the rage. How about a tattoo on your tongue? That way, when you are going to town on the cheese dip, you can also point out your acquaintance's need for a savior.Title-Bar-Humor-Me And if all that fails, there's always toast. I mean, who doesn't like toast? And we all know what a big deal peoplejesus-toaster-II make when they see a godly image on a sandwich. Now that's something to stand in line for! Nothing says 'Jesus is our daily bread' like this. There are some wonderful, faithful Christian bookstores out there. But unfortunately, it seems they have become the minority. Have you been to one lately? What ridiculous "Christian" paraphernalia have you encountered? And then there's the books. What is it that makes them Christian? I remember years ago, it was challenging to find a worthy book to buy. Have you taken a look at the bestseller's list? It is concerning. Carl, Todd, and I have a brief conversation about this problem, as well as how it seems many dangerous books are marketed to women. It's insulting. What can the church do about this? Can pastor's help their congregation be more discerning? Take a listen here and share your thoughts in the comments. Also, it is timely that Dr. Fred Zaspel just let me know that his new website venture has finally come to fruition. He is now the editor of Books at a Glance. Take a look, and see how this can be a wonderful resource to introduce you to quality books. There may be an interview with a certain Housewife Theologian over there as well.