Worth reading...

If you are new to Ref21 then you ought to know that we believe things like baptism and church governance are important.

I will stick my head into the current cage match just long enough to suggest some excellent books on the subject of baptism. Obviously Christian baptism is a subject which cannot be easily or quickly explained even on a podcast as brilliant as Mortification of Spin. So, if you reject the practice of believers giving their children the sign of the covenant then you may want to read a book on the subject. Here are a few that I recommend:

Word, Water, and Spirit: A Reformed Perspective on Baptism by John Fesko - This is a rather lengthy and scholarly volume. It is well worth reading. It may at least give you a full understanding of why Presbyterians baptize their infants which will help in avoiding any unnecessary straw men.

Jesus Loves the Little Children by Danny Hyde - This is an excellent little primer on the subject of covenant baptism. It is readable and pastoral. And even though it is brief, Hyde covers a lot of ground.

The Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism, Gregg Strawbridge (ed.) - A compendium of excellent essays on the relevant issues supporting the practice of covenant baptism.

Believer's Baptism by Thomas Schreiner - In my typically ecumenical spirit I include this excellent defense of believer's baptism by Thomas Schreiner.

Incidentally, if any of my baptist brethren out there ever happen to find your way to Covenant Presbyterian in Harrisonburg, VA you will be joyfully welcomed to the Lord's table as our brothers and sisters in Christ.