When unity is too high a price to pay...

The World-wide Anglican Communion has been suffering in recent years from deep divisions. The Anglican communion of Africa, which is growing holds to the historic Christian (biblical) faith. The Anglican leaders of Africa have also stood firm in their opposition to the normalizing of homosexuality which has occured in the European and North American Anglican communions. For their faithfulness to biblical faith and moral standards, the Anglicans of Africa have been treated with a thinly veiled racism by their liberal and open-minded counter parts in the U.S. and U.K.

Check out this article by Al Mohler on the subject.

"The African bishops leading the charge for orthodoxy are indeed fighting a courageous battle. They are fighting for the soul of the Anglican Communion and for the integrity of the church and the Gospel. They refuse to bend the knee to modern idolatries and they understand the transforming power of the Gospel and the bedrock of biblical authority far better than those who oppose them."
- Al Mohler