What is animating his accusation?


* Update - Jonathan has since posted a few gracious clarifications. 

In case you have not seen it Jonathan Leeman of Nine Marks Minstries recently Tweeted the following:

I can't help but wonder if unspoken assumptions about the goodness of authority/submission are animating recent arguments over the Trinity.

When challenged his response was equally odd:

Call it a pastoral hunch.

I do not know Jonathan. I have however benefitted from his books. I have found The Church and the Surprising Offense of God's Love and Reverberation particularly helpful. I was therefore quite surprised by his odd Tweet calling into question the motives of those who have challenged the innovative doctrine of the eternal submission of the Son. I suppose if one cannot marshal the necessary theological, biblical, and historical evidence then impugning motives is the next best thing. 

Of course as a Presbyterian I struggle a bit when someone who champions church autonomy suggests that I have a problem with authority.