What if he was a racist?


I have been challenged politely by some and excoriated by others for writing an open letter to Andrew White, the staunch defender of Roe V Wade, PCA Ruling Elder, and candidate for governor of Texas.

I have been called divisive and even unchristian by some fellow Teaching Elders for posting the letter. The basic point of the complaints is “Have you contacted him personally? Why don’t you just let the session of his church handle this? That’s how Presbyterianism works.”

But how does my open letter in anyway hinder or stop the session of his church from doing the right thing? How does my open letter stop the Presbytery from doing what is right?

I was alerted to the story about RE/candidate White by a number of PCA laypersons who were genuinely confused and vexed. I was being asked, “Is the PCA pro-choice?” “Is it time to leave the PCA?” The fact is, Mr. White’s public advocacy of wicked and violent policies has caused division within the church and vexation among brothers and sisters in Christ. A quick and public response was necessary.

Let’s frame the issue like this:
Suppose an open white supremacist was running for governor of Texas. Suppose also that he was a Ruling Elder of a PCA church. Let’s also suppose that his position on the legislation of his views was less ambitious than Mr. White’s commitment to actively defend abortion.

For example, what if our racist RE simply stated that he believed in white supremacy but did not favor changing any laws in the US? What if he stated that he believed that racial intermarriage should be illegal but that he would not seek to introduce legislation toward that end? What if he stated that while he believed whites to be superior to blacks he would nevertheless uphold current laws?

Would that be enough for a public rebuke? I certainly believe it is enough. I would not wait for months to see if his session would act. I would want to be out in front assuring PCA laity and the public in general that his views were absolutely out of accord with the PCA and biblical Christianity.