The virus attached to "social justice"

You have no doubt heard the term “intersectionality” by now. It is an idea which is sweeping academia and activism (unfortunately one in the same thing now). Oddly it is also beginning to have an influence among evangelicals, even of the broadly reformed stripe.

Elizabeth Corey has written an enlightening article on intersectionality for First Things. I encourage you to take the time to read it.

Evangelicals are right to be concerned about intersectionality because it is something of a virus attached to much (not all) of the new social justice activism being imported into the church.

Intersectionality begins to manifest itself by lending justification to, for instance, a left-wing political action committee being run from the offices of a PCA church. It is also seen in various social media with calls – from professing Christians – for white evangelicals to quit trying to take the gospel to Africa because “we good.”

Of course all of this has been warned against. Making something so impossibly vague as “social justice” the central concern of the church has only ever lead to apostasy. If legitimate calls for racial reconciliation are allowed to morph into racial politics the gospel itself will be distorted and the Great Commission will be recast as cultural imperialism.