The Rebellion of Unbelief

Unbelief is not a lesser kind of sin than, say, adultery. Unbelief is not a passive position whereby the doubter is simply waiting for belief in God to become a more reasonable choice. The Bible is clear. Unbelief is deliberate and damnable sin. It is the fruit of a hard heart. Don't misunderstand. All of us have times of uncertainty. All of us, in the frailty of our incomplete sanctification, will be met with dismay as we struggle to believe as a part of the creation that is still groaning. But resilient disbelief that refuses to heed the witness God has written across creation and within His Word is nothing less than conscious rebellion.

Over at TGC Stan Guthrie has written a helpful article on the real nature of unbelief.
Unbelief is not doubt, however. Unbelief is a calculating, hard-hearted rejection of evidence, whether it be intellectual, physical, historical, or spiritual. It is seeing the clear work of God and turning away. Worse, it is seeing Jesus’s work by the Spirit and attributing it to Satan. Such unbelief is damnable. And how could it not be? The damned unbeliever is only receiving what he has requested. Such unbelief is a form of spiritual blindness. “The light shines in the darkness,” the apostle John said, “but the darkness has not understood it.” It is a matter not of wrong thinking, but of bad character. And it is nothing new.
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