The Gathering

I was so blessed by our combined worship services on Sunday! It was great to see the saints from all three morning worship services together in one gathering. Many thanks to the office staff, the hospitality team, the ushers, the musicians, and all the others who worked hard to ensure that our time together was special.

I am thankful that God, by His grace, has afforded me an opportunity to begin a series of messages entitled The Gospel-Driven Church. The Lord used the Strategic Ministry Planning process to form this in my heart. I trust that the first sermon “The Gospel, The Church, and The World” was an encouragement and challenge for you. The message was drawn from I Peter 2:1-17 which served as the inspiration for our new statement of purpose:

“By God’s grace, Metro East will make known in word and deed the Lordship and love of Jesus throughout Wichita and the world for the sake of God’s glory and the salvation of sinners.” - I Peter 2:1-17

In the coming weeks the messages will address each of the Seven Pillars outlined in the Strategic Ministry Planning Team report. The Seven Pillars of Metro East Baptist are:
1. Honor God with biblical and excellent worship that engages both mind and affections.
2. Faithfully Proclaim the Word of God.
3. Strive for a fellowship that demonstrates in both word and deed the beauty of the Gospel.
4. Train disciples of Jesus who gladly reflect the holiness of God in all of life.
5. Equip and send out disciples to love our community with the mercy and hospitality of Jesus Christ.
6. Give cheerfully and sacrificially from our God-given resources for the building up of the church.
7. Advance the Gospel throughout our city and around the world.