The Future of Mortification

Now that I am moving from Philadelphia to Harrisonburg, VA (more on that later) I am being asked if the humble little podcast I record with Carl Trueman will continue. And since most of the evangelical world seems to be holding its collective breath over this vital issue I want to assure you that the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has marshaled its considerable resources to insure the continued production of the Mortification Of Spin.

Carl adds his two cents here:
A number have been asking if Todd's move means an end to the Mortification of Spin podcasts.  I am sorry to disappoint: since the podcast is almost the ultimate chewing gum and paper clip production, now involving four guys, two microphones, one computer and a plastic table and four chairs in the entrance lobby of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Ambler, it looks set to continue.  And in a world where evangelical comment is increasingly censored from within by the humourless and the Top Men, a samizdat operation is unlikely to lose its purpose in the near future.  Of course, now that Todd is a presbyterian, I will not be able to mock him mercilessly for his Schwaermerite credentials but, seeing as he is still only PCA, I can guarantee that the sneering condescension will continue until the denominational affiliation improves. 


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